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Leather strap manufacturing process

Leather strap manufacturing process


The birth of a good watch is more than just a high-precision mechanical process. In today's world, people need a combination of fashion, design and many other elements. The watch strap is no longer a simple watch accessory, and the watch manufacturer requires details in the leather manufacturing standard to make a perfect watch band, just like making a LV bag.
Only watches that combine mechanical and fashion perfectly meet the needs of this era. Coupled with the increasing personalization requirements of global customers, customization needs are constantly emerging. The production process of the watch strap is like a wonderful ballet that is woven with passion through the hands of a group of craftsmen. It is a living leather making process. In the watch industry, few people know about this process. It seems to be a wonderful secret. The prelude, the leather is stored in a closed, constant-temperature warehouse that maintains a certain degree of humidity. These leathers are the same as the leather made of leather bags. The stock contains a variety of materials: goatskin, calfskin, buffalo, ostrich skin, and alligator skin. Now, we will unveil the ballet curtain of a beautiful watch strap.

Hey, this pleasing ballet performance is the birth of a strap - Fine, hand-crafted, repetitive work. The effort is not much less than making a purse, and the price is not to be said. The key is to wear it with your high-complexity and exquisite mechanical objects, and let you really feel the comfort and honor of a good watch.
The first act: the process of pre-cutting according to the fixed specifications and combining the two pieces of leather with perfect texture into a leather strap: the longer section of the strap, at the six o'clock position of the case, and the other end of it Then it is cut into a thin shape, and the hole on the strap is also cut at the same time. The shorter section of the strap is placed at the 12 o'clock position of the case, and the other end is fitted with a clasp. The process of skin selection is very strict, and leather with wrinkles, cracks or scratches cannot be used. In addition, it is necessary to ensure that the length and length of the two-stage leather strap are the same, for example, the size and appearance of the crocodile skin should be the same.
Act II: finishing and finishing. Gradually peel evenly until the center is full and the edges are as thick as paper. Eliminate too thick leather.
Act III: Bonding. First, weigh the Viledon fabric and leather together, then glue the fiberglass lining. Exquisite workmanship and precise tool use are like creating a piece of art.

Act IV: Precisely cut and mark each drop of the needle. At this stage, the leather craftsman performs the finishing steps, just like a scene of spinning ballet. Every craftsman, like a full-fledged instrumentalist, uses a variety of tools, such as stitches, oblique cutters, tapered drills or paring knives, which are properly and succinctly used for leather work.
Scene 5: Use the ruler tool to mark the trajectory of the sewing thread and the needle. The craftsman uses a single line of linen and a double stitch to sew the leather strap back and forth. Rub the edge of the leather strap with a coarse sandpaper to make it soft.
Scene 6: The strap is sealed with wax, that is, the edge of the strap is wrapped with a special wax preparation, and the original color is colored.

Scene 7: Friction Polishing - Rubbing the edge of the planed surface to make it smooth and smooth, check the sanding in the observation, and repeat it to achieve a consistent and flawless finish.
Scene 8 - Soften the strap that makes the strap more comfortable, folds the strap, or pushes the groove between the seam and the edge of the strap, making the strap softer and increasing its thickness.
The final scene: branded LOGO. Each set of leather straps is branded with brand logos, and individual luxury brands also brand brand-specific logos.
The birth of a strap is a delicate, hand-crafted, repetitive work. The effort is not much less than making a purse, and the price is not to be said. In addition, good straps should be used with care. No matter how good the leather strap is, it is not recommended to soak the water. When the water is soaked, it will affect the service life of the strap and deform the strap.

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