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Is Apple Watch worth buying? What are the advantages and disadvantages of Apple Apple Watch?

Is Apple Watch worth buying? What are the advantages and disadvantages of Apple Apple Watch?


The birth of Apple Apple Watch and the history of smart watches
Before we talk about Apple Watch, let's take a look at the history of smart watches. This concept has been around for a long time. The earliest products mainly provide information reminder or motion tracking function. Later, Linux-based or Android-based streamlined systems will appear. Even SIM cards and phone calls can be inserted, but the initial situation has not been achieved very well. effect.
Subsequently, Google launched the Android Wear system last year. The system uses a card-style UI, which is easy to operate (point and line), intuitive in content, and has many independent applications. Many manufacturers have already produced a variety of Android for Google. Wear smart watches, but sales are not ideal, and developers are not enthusiastic enough.
Apple also released Apple Watch watches in the near future. Many consumers call it iWatch. Although the controversy is also great, with the brand effect and star promotion, many consumers are enthusiastically joining the army of “craving crabs”. There were millions of pre-sales on the day of booking, and early market analysts also gave high expectations. Domestic and foreign developers also adapted after Apple released the Watch Kit development kit. After the official launch of Apple Watch Users can use many applications.
The material and design of Apple Apple Watch
Nowadays, the material is popular, so before we introduce the appearance, let's start with its material. We got the Apple Watch Sport, which is the sports version. The body is made of 7000 series aluminum alloy. The dial screen is covered with Iron-X protective glass, and the black back is composite material (not officially specified). The matching sports strap is made of common fluoro rubber and comes in two different lengths to suit different thickness arms.
The other two versions of Apple Watch have different materials. The Apple Watch is a stainless steel body, a sapphire crystal dial and a zirconia case back. The Apple Watch Edition changes the body and strap buckle material to 18K gold.
As for the strap, in addition to the sports strap, there are many stainless steel or leather materials, including: Milanese strap with stainless steel mesh and adjustable magnetic buckle; classic buckle strap for the wrestling process Dutch leather and stainless steel clasp; leather loopback strap with quilted Venetian leather, black seal on both sides, also adjustable magnetic buckle; modern buckle strap with smooth Granada Leather and two-piece magnetic buckle; the highest end is a chain strap made of 316L stainless steel with a butterfly clasp.
It is worth mentioning that the three versions of the sports strap and the inductive charging end of the magnetic charging cable are made of different materials. The Apple Watch Sport is made of plastic, while the Apple Watch and Apple Watch Edition are stainless steel and 18K respectively. Gold, and the latter's leather strap buckle is also made of 18K gold.
The Apple Watch is designed with the shadow of the contemporary iPhone and iPad. It is also a curved frame with a 2.5D panel. The back of the watch is also curved. The strap is installed. The entire body has almost no edge. It gives me a round and close look. The feeling is also psychologically reduced by the coldness of the metal. This design also has another benefit, and the damage caused by colliding with yourself or others will be much smaller than that of a traditional watch.
Apple did not choose the traditional round dial, but chose a more niche square, which is one of the controversies of Apple Watch. In fact, it is also very common in the Android Wear camp, but as the only watch in Apple, this choice is quite bold.
Apple's sports strap, here to talk about its design. Fluororubber is soft and does not feel cold and stiff when worn on the hands, and is not afraid of sweat corrosion. In addition, the design of this strap is also quite clever, using a snap-on and close-up clasp, the extra tail can be stored inside the strap, and will not stick out to cause various inconveniences.
Unlike traditional watches, the Apple Watch's strap is combined with the body through the form of a chute. The joint has a movable raised module for fixing. When disassembling, press the small button on the watch body. In fact, this is small. The module is pressed down and the strap can be pushed out.
Apple Apple Watch configuration and black technology
Apple Watch uses AMOLED screens provided by LG. It has 38mm and 42mm screen sizes with resolutions of 272×340 (290ppi) and 390×312 (302ppi). The 38mm battery capacity is 205mAh/0.78Whr, which is said to last for 18 hours, while the latter has a larger battery capacity and longer battery life, but the exact number has not been announced, and no one has dismantled it for the time being.
As for the rest of the components, the specifications are the same, including a custom S1 SiP package processor, 8GB of storage, 802.11b/g/n WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0 and NFC. Sensors include accelerometers, gyroscopes, heart rate sensors, and independence. Microphone and speaker. Of course, there are two Apple secrets: Force Touch pressure sensing, Taptic Engine haptic feedback technology.
Taptic Engine haptic feedback technology
This technology is based on linear brakes for more realistic tactile feedback, and is also available on the MacBook Pro and the new MacBook.
But what is a linear brake? In fact, this is also a vibrator, but unlike the vibrators commonly found in devices such as smartphones, the Taptic Engine produces a vibrating effect with a linear reciprocating motion, while a conventional vibrator produces a circular motion.
The feelings brought by the two are not the same. The latter gives me a very strong tap. I feel like this on the wrist with a keen touch. I certainly won’t have a good feeling. The former seems to be touched gently. Like a wrist, it feels very meticulous, and with the proper sound effects from the speakers, it doesn't make me feel awkward, stiff, and disgusted.

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