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Alligator skin watch strap encyclopedia

Alligator skin watch strap encyclopedia


There are 23 kinds of crocodile species, are they all suitable for crocodile leather straps?
The crocodile is an amphibious carnivorous reptile. Its leather is long and narrow, its surface is particularly delicate and compact, with protruding flowers. The skin is full, flexible and not loose.
These 23 species of crocodiles, include the Mississippi River crocodile in North America, the Amazonian crocodile in South America, the Nile crocodile in Africa, the Indian crocodile in South Asia, the Thai crocodile, the Chinese alligator and the Australian crocodile. Not all crocodile skins can be used to make straps due to sustainable development and the crocodile skin itself.
 (It can be artificially reared, the American crocodile lays eggs from April to May, 30-70 eggs per litter, and the incubation period is 75-80 days. During the period, the male and female jointly guard the nest. The wild American crocodile has a life span of 60-70 years, and the maximum life expectancy is up to 100 years old. However, they have a very high mortality rate at 1-4 years old)
The crocodile leather watch bands on the market are mainly divided into two types, one is the American alligator leather strap (English name Alligator), and the other is the Kamen crocodile leather strap (English name Caimen). In these two leather straps, the American alligator crocodile watch band has a higher-grade. In general, the alligator crocodile strap has a stronger regularity.
In terms of material selection, the crocodile leather strap is very picky, not the skin of the crocodile can be made into a strap. The back of the crocodile skin is too rough and uneven, its leather is hard and not easy to bend. Only the tenderest and softest piece of leather on the belly is the best for the strap.
According to the different parts of the blanking, the strap pattern can be made into a bamboo pattern, a round pattern, a bamboo pattern and a mixed round pattern. Among them, the bamboo pattern is most commonly used in high-grade precious metal watches. Its characteristic is that the texture of the finished strap is like a bamboo knot. The bending direction of the strap has exactly one section of the texture, which is very soft and close to the wrist. The round strap is softer and more durable than the bamboo strap. (The advanced strap does not use the raised bones on the back of the crocodile to make the band)
The inner core of the strap is generally made of foamed material, which is a bit like a sponge. For high-quality straps, the middle layer can be cowhide.

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